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SCRM is a founding member of Bern Center for Precision Medicine (BCPM) and a full member of Biotechnet Switzerland.

Biotechnet Summer School 2023

Each September, Biotechnet Switzerland organizes a summer school for students (mostly BSc, some MSc) of its full members.

This year they are headed to the University of Palermo from Sept 3-6, 2023 and it will be the 17th annual edition!

The SCRM (University of Bern) has the opportunity to send 10 students to this event.

  • Food during the day is included
  • Students can book affordable accommodation (less than 50 EUR per night)
  • Biotechnet covers 100 CHF toward each student’s travel

It’s a great opportunity for students from FHNW, ZHAW, HES-SO, as well as MCI in Innsbruck and Uni Palermo to connect with each other and develop their networks. Additionally, MCI is part of the Ulysseus University Network and they will also ask students from other Ulysseus unis to attend.

Biotechnet would be happy if students from UniBE could join this year to make the experience even more enriching.

The 30-minute lectures are given by professors, PhD students or scientific associates from all Biotechnet’s schools and in this regard, Biotechnet would love to have lecturers from Uni Bern join too.

If this sounds interesting to you (a BSc/MSc student or professor/PhD student/scientific associate), please get in touch with to discuss registration and accommodation in more detail.