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DBMR Research Conferences

DBMR Research Conferences take place several times a year. Once a year, the speaker is invited by the SCRM platform. You can find information about this year's SCRM invited speaker here.

DBMR Research Conference Speakers invited by SCRM
August 31, 2023 Prof Anna Cereseto, Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology, University of Trento, Trento, Italy - Expanding the CRISPR technologies for efficient and precise genome editing
September 2, 2022 Prof Alexandre Reymond, Director Center for Integrative Genomics, University of Lausanne - Blurring the boundaries of common and rare diseases
September 6, 2021 Prof Michal Schwartz, Professor of Neuroimmunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel - A novel approach to defeat Alzheimer’s disease: Empowering the immune system to mobilize monocyte-derived macrophages
September 7, 2020 Prof Catherine Verfaillie, Head of the Stem Cell Insitute Leuven (SCIL), Belgium - Multi-engineering to create multicellular liver mimics from PSCs to model liver disease and liver toxicity
October 7, 2019 Prof Boris W. Kramer, Head of Pediatric Research Maastricht University, Netherlands - Stem cell therapy for peripartum neuroregeneration and pulmonary regeneration
September 3, 2018 Prof Joerg Huelsken, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, EPFL Lausanne - Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
February 1, 2016 Prof Suchitra Sumitran-Holgersson, Laboratory for Transplantation and Regenerative medicine, University of Gothenburg, Sweden - Tissue-engineering of organs: A new frontier in regenerative medicine